Monday, March 10, 2014

Where have I been? Running!

Somehow between walking from the finish line of my first 5K and my car on January 18, 2014, I decided to run a race every month in 2014, leading up to the Houston Half Marathon in January 2015.

So far, I ran the Houston ABB 5K in January, the Race Against Violence raising money for the Houston Area Women's Center in February and the Rodeo Run for March.  I'm also running two virtual races.  The Running for a Cure race in honor and benefiting to raise awareness of Austin Mitchell Kirk and his battle with Batten's Disease and the Boston World Marathon where I pledged 50 miles by 4/21.  I really like the concept of both virtual races as I may never be able to physically do either as one race, but with these I can break out my mileage and a child gets a medal with the Running for a Cure and donations go to both events.  Definitely check them out knowing your hard work is helping others. 

I still can't believe it.  I look at these bibs hanging in my home office with pride.  Each is a race against me.  No one else.  Yes, I'm competitive and want to be faster, but I am!  I just need to look back to June 2013 when I could barely run 30 seconds.  Now I'm running 3 miles every other day.  Where will I be in 6 months?

I've signed up to run the Blue Bell 5K in April, Impact a Hero benefiting our wounded military in May (my fundraising website will be up soon) and the Texas Coast Series I Galveston 5K in June.  Whew!  I'm training now to finish the second half of 2014 running 10Ks.  Patience, Meesh.  :)

I've had good days and bad days, but this is life and at least I'm out there moving, right?  I don't want to sugar coat how difficult it is some days to get put of bed early and get outside or go to the gym. It really is!  In years past for Lent, I've given up sweets, pasta, Diet Coke, cursing, Facebook and Twitter, but this year may be my toughest.  No snooze button!  So far so good and if anything, it'll give me am extra boost to get moving.  I've found if I don't exercise first thing in the morning, I struggle through my day so morning works best for me.  Find your comfort time and challenge yourself to do something then.  Just move!  :)

So, I apologize for falling off my blogging the past 3 months.  I'll try to be better at sharing my progress and hopefully can inspire you too.  I've had SO many friends reach out to me personally for advice and encouragement for my own journey.  Thank you.  You each motivate me too!  Losing 36 pounds in 9 months is pretty awesome.  I'm not sure I can make the 24 left on my goal by June at the pace I'm going, BUT at long as I'm still losing, I'm happy.  In percentages, I've lost 16.6% of my body weight.  Just wow.

Tale of the scale:

Measurements as of 3/1/2014:

Neck = 13 inches with a 1.5 inch loss or 10.3%
Waist = 37.5 inches with a 6.5 inch loss or 14.8% 
Hips = 44 inches with an 8 inch loss or 15.4%
Bust = 38 inches with a 7.2 inch loss or 15.9%

I'm still eating whatever I'd like, but am careful to keep balance, not eat too late at night and have snacks throughout the day with drinking a minimum of 120 ounces of water daily.  I'm in the restroom a lot, but it's doing wonders for me!

Between the water intake, exercise and my Arbonne products, I look in the mirror and don't see an almost 48 year old.  I guess we're all like that tho, right?  I mean, I FEEL better today than when I was younger.  My knees still crackle from the torn meniscus's and my hip/pelvis gets annoyed from the Gecko incident, but I'm listening to my body more than ever.  I'm still a good 30 lbs overweight, but I'm feeling fantastic.  
Exercise definitely gives me a high.  It will for you too if you do it consistently.  It doesn't have to be running. I know not everyone can, but man, it is awesome to be able to, no matter how fast or slow.  Your exercise can be biking, walking, swimming, whatever makes you happy.  Just move!  Getting strong and fit takes work and you know what?  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What helps motivate you to not hit the snooze button? Share in the comment section below!

Have a great week everyone.  :)


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Emotional Rescue

For some reason this week has been overly emotional for me.  I'm crying at work.  I'm crying at commercials. I'm crying at watching TV shows.  Crying looking out the window at the beautiful Texas weather.  Cry, cry, cry, cry.  What a big whiny baby.  Being in menopause clearly continues to allow my emotions to be in overdrive.  GAH!

Is there a full moon?  People seem to blame stuff on the moon, so maybe it's the moon. Maybe it's just because I'm a woman.  Yeah, we woman get emotional. That's a fact, Jack!  Or maybe it all comes down to the ABB5K this weekend.  My deeply rooted fear of failure is seeping through fueling the fire for my emotional rescue. Will I be saved?

Enough of the crying!  :)

I've accomplished so much since June of last year.  I know it.  I can see it.  I can feel it. My life has changed for the better thanks to C25K.  Exercise has turned from a chore to a habit I actually enjoy.   But it hasn't all been easy.  I still gain weight, I lose weight, I stagnate for a week or more.  I've received so many wonderful words of encouragement from friends, family and sweet strangers via this blog and social media.  My last blog post My Wish For You in 2014 has had over 2,000 views alone.  Your kind words inspire me to keep pushing towards my goal.  Y'all are the best cheerleaders.  Thank you.

So, why all the crying?  I pulled out my favorite work pants and had Steve take a picture of me holding them this past weekend.  WOW.  These slacks are a size 18 and they were really tight when I started exercising and focusing on balance last June.  The only new clothes I've bought since June are workout clothes so I think I'm in a 14 now, but as we women know, that number could vary on the brand. 

I'm going through my closet the next couple of weeks and will be giving all my clothes that are too big away to charity ... except these black slacks.  I'm keeping these forever and leaving them in the front of my closet as a reminder that if you start something and keep at it, you win.  Period.  No number will define me.  Not a number on the scale.  Not a number on clothes.  It's not about coming in first or even breaking a PR (personal record) because those are awesome, but instead simply, my best is good enough and I'm happy with me. 

One of the contestants on The Biggest Loser, Marie, said in this week's episode, "The belief in myself has increased as my weight has decreased."  That's true for me too, but I still battle with a negative image of myself.  I think anyone who has struggled with weight their entire life will continue to do so.  We just have to keep telling ourselves every day that we're gosh darn good enough!  :)  Be your own personal cheerleader for any accomplishment.  No matter how small.  No matter how slow.  Fear is fear and we must never give up.  Never surrender!  Man, I love Galaxy Quest.

What am I afraid of?  Succeeding?  The ABB5K is a big deal to me.  Huge really.  I can play it off as another "completed" off my list, but it's more than that.  It's a fight against myself to beat my own demons.  Oh boy, do I have demons!  :)  The theme to this years 5K is "Running Down A Dream" and my goal is to run the entire race within an hour.  I'm really slow, but if I can run over my own insecurities at my own pace, I will do it.  The only thing stopping me is me.

So take heart, everyone.  You can set your mind to whatever you want to do.  Everyone gets a second chance. A third.  Whatever number you want to put on it.  Finish your own race and focus on YOU.  Any age, any size is capable of great things.  Join me in letting go of fear and making it so.

I'll be turning on my Runtastic app this Saturday, January 18, 2014 at the race start time of 0800 am so you can follow me and cheer me on from any computer or mobile device through Facebook or their website.  You do have to register to send the cheers to my headphones so if you'd rather not, it's all good because you can also follow me via my Bib Number of 52431.  Which you also have to register to follow.  Ha!  Your support as always is so appreciated. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it!  :)

Speaking of teary eyed, I'll definitely be crying on Saturday after the race (and maybe during), but those tears will be of the joy of accomplishing something I never thought I could do. 

Join me, will you?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Wish For You In 2014

I make New Years resolutions every year. Most if not all are forgotten by February, but this year feels different.  Starting my journey to better health in June 2013 has given me a head start on the new year and my resolution is to keep on track and help motivate others to do the same.  Oh, and more phone calls with less texting too.  :)

I've been asked by many on Facebook what I'm doing to lose weight and stay motivated.  I'm not on a diet, but I do keep track via the MYFITNESSPAL app of my exercise and food intake.  I always thought keeping track of every calorie was too time consuming and pointless, but this app makes it easy and it's a great tool to see where you are and were you can go.  After all, it's all about balance, so I can eat what I want, when I want.  I've learned that withholding the foods I love only makes me discouraged and less likely to stay on goal.  Balance all things!  Just be sure to move too. :)

It was ultimately C25K, or Couch To 5K, that helped me get off the couch and get moving.  I have never been a runner nor ever engaged the thought of running.  When I used to go to the gym regularly, I lifted weights and walked the treadmill or rode one of the bikes.  That was it.  Running?  Pffft.  But I can say now that this app saved my life.  I had no intention of running a 5K when I first downloaded it, but now I WANT to run one.  I had to walk The Color Run in October last year because of the Gecko Incident, but I'll be running the ABB 5K here in Houston in 2 weeks.  EEEK!  I have two torn meniscus from years of snow skiing in Garmisch and thinking I was 18 on the moguls of Snowmass in 2003 and I'm really slow, but I'm running.  If I can do it, so can you!

I recommend downloading the C25K app I linked above, get fitted for running shoes at a local athletic shoe store and take a free running clinic to make sure you have proper form.  Yes, you must have proper form when running or you'll end up with an injury like I did that put me on 6 weeks of bed rest.  Start walking, start slowly, but just move.  Texas has Fleet Feet and Luke's Locker so if you're in our awesome state, click their links and check them out! 

I had a very nice Christmas with my family and friends and I hope you were blessed too.  I was lucky to receive this day-by-day runner's log where I can keep track of my miles and how I feel day to day.  Writing down that day's thoughts on my run is very helpful and I look forward to seeing how I progress in 2014.  Click the picture to get your very own running log today!  You can use it for walking too.

A couple of my Christmas wishes were answered with cold weather running gear and a Garmin watch to track my miles and heart rate.  I guess I wasn't too naughty in 2013.  Haha. I was blessed by family who decked me out from head to toe.  Here is a pic of me before a run in North Carolina with a wind chill in the 20's last week.  Brrr!  More importantly, if you had told me I'd be comfortable wearing running tights and shorts in public, I'd have laughed and laughed and laughed, but here I am and it felt great!  Imagine what Spring will bring.  I look skinny in this pic, but I'm not ... yet.

This past week's tale of the scale made me smile.  Twice.  We were out of town at my parents house so no measurements this week, but I'll be sure to see where I am to share for next week's blog post.  My once tighter smaller clothes are now getting loose too so I know I'm going the right direction, even through the holidays of chocolate, whiskey and pie.  I will run for whiskey!  
The Facebook Challenge by I <3 To Run really helped me stay on track by challenging page fans to run at least one mile every day in December.  I did it and I'm shocked I was able to do it.  Yay me!  Now, I'm doing their Run 100 days in 2014 challenge.  :)
This pic is from North Carolina on New Years Eve 2013.
And this pic is from our scale at home yesterday, January 4, 2014.  Another goal met by getting under 190.  Next?  Getting under 180 by March 2014!  Let's see if I can do it!  Challenge accepted!  :)

I also signed Chulo Handsomehub and I up and joined the Cypress Running Club "No More Excuses" training program.  It'll help us train to run the upcoming Blue Bell Fun Run in April 2014.  Eating all the ice cream you want after running in this event?  HECK YEAH!  :)  Want to join us?  Click the Cypress Running Club link above and come on!  :)  One way or another, no matter the failures, set backs and/or successes that will come throughout the year ...


The new year brings new promises with a new slate.  You can do whatever you set your mind to do.  That little voice that says you can't?  IT LIES.  So I wish you love, laughter and everything that makes you smile.  I wish you strength, faith and the determination to make all your dreams come true.  I wish you this:

Change your thoughts and you'll change your world.

Have a 2014 new years resolution?  Share it in the comments section below and how you plan to keep it.

Merry New Year everyone!  :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Run Meesh, Run!

Time flies when you're having fun.  It's been a couple months since I've shared the latest on my quest to get healthy.  Right after I posted here in October, I was soon back and work and traveling for open enrollment meetings throughout my territory.  It is wonderful to be back out living life!  With the cooler weather, my new favorite thing is to run outside.  Refreshing, crisp and clean although the sweat dripping down my back is cold!  BRR! :)

And with travel, came a new set of challenges to keep myself in check to make my goal set for 6/20/2014 and beyond.  This time, I have different attitude and make a point to take my exercise clothes with me, eat as well as I can while on the road and am focused to stay in hotels that have gyms.  How did I do?

Success!  I've continually been able to lose weight, even over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This just proves that if you focus on balance and not banning the food you love from your life, you can keep weight off and be healthy.  Just keep moving!

Besides losing more weight, my measurements are smaller too.  The tale of the scale and tape are below:

Weight:  193 (total 26.8 lbs, 12.2% change since 6/20/2013)
Neck:  13 inches (total 1 inch, 6.9% change)
Waist:  38 inches (13.6% change)
Hips:  45 inches (13.5% change)
Bust:  42 inches (7.1% change)

Thank you MyFitnessPal app for helping me keep track and see real progress in numbers too.

I've started following several motivational pages on Facebook and Twitter and decided to do two challenges this month.  Run at least one mile each day and a 30-day plank challenge for December.  I'm still on track to complete each challenge!  For running, here are my numbers.  I've never really kept track before, but I like that it motivates me to see if I can go just a little further or faster each time. 
Sunday 12/1 = 1.13 miles
Monday, 12/2 = 1.31 miles
Tuesday , 12/3 = 1.43 miles
Wednesday, 12/4 = 1.76 miles
Thursday, 12/5 = 1.36 miles
Friday, 12/6 = 1.47 miles
Saturday, 12/7 = 1.17 miles
Sunday, 12/8 = 2.16 miles
I look in the mirror and can't believe what I see, but I like it and as always, I'm the only one who will get in my own way.  This time I have a different attitude.  I've never stayed as dedicated or for as long in years.  I think it's because of all the encouragement and inspiration I've received and read about on social media too.  Thank you everyone!

I'm running my first 5K next month at the Houston Marathon ABB 5K so I've got yet another goal to meet!  Run Meesh, run!

I'm grateful for each of you who help keep me on track, inspire me with your own personal stories and give awesome advice on how to become more healthy.  Y'all rock!  If my story helps you, then even better! 

Let's see if I can complete the December run and plank challenge and lose a total of 30 lbs by Christmas.  Replacing my 4-5 Diet Cokes a day with water, running and walking for exercise, using Arbonne and Nivea for my face and focusing less on the negative and more on the positive is working.  Game on! 

Is there anything you do differently during the holidays to stay healthy?  Please share in the comments section below!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Freedom Is The Oxygen Of The Soul

It's almost been 4 months since I started my journey to better health.  Time flys when you're having fun!  Posting pics of my progress with my runs, walks and food have kept me strangely interested and motivated to one up myself.  Whatever works, right? 

306 calories of nomnom lunch this week!

Despite my injury and prolonged bed rest, the tale of the scale keeps getting better as I lost more weight and inches this week.  Clearly, it's not just about exercise, but about eating your "guilty pleasures" in moderation.

How low can I go?

And while I am still unable to run, I was cleared by my awesome docs at the Alternative Health Center of the Woodlands to walk, so I've been doing just that along with physical therapy twice a week.  The difference this time with walking is that I'm using my core while doing so and working up quite a sweat in a short amount of time and distance.  Baby steps yet again.
As I finished up one of my physical therapy sessions last week, I turned and noticed my flabby arms.  I mean, I knew they were flabby.  I even call them my bat wings, but dang. 
Fly Me To The Moon

So I added new goal to my better health journey.  I'm now doing light strength training with 3 pound weights  3 days a week to lessen the chance of flight with my arms. Haha Here's a pic from Day 1 of the app "Arm Workout - 12 Days to Perfect Arms."  Well, it'll take me more than 12 days, but it's a start.  I love the little awards for completing a workout.  It's like getting a treat. 

My great news today is that I have been cleared to go back to work!  YIPPEE!  I never thought I'd be so excited to return, but I am.  I've been blessed with awesome colleagues who stepped up and took care of my clients while I was out on medical leave for these past 3 weeks.  Now, onto getting through this:

 UGH, that number of emails is scary, but I'm back to work today so YIPPEE!
And soon I'll be cleared to run.  Insert bigger happy sigh here.

During the past 3 weeks, I've had a lot of time to think while being on bed rest.  Not being able to sit or stand is quite the eye opener.  
  1. Tell those you love every day how much you mean to them. Every day!
  2. Work will go on without you.
  3. Shave your legs ladies, because you never know when you physically can't do it.
  4. Bend with your knees and not with your back.
  5. Work your core at every opportunity because it will save you from possible injury.
  6. Find joy in what you do and peace when you do it and when you can't do it.
  7. Keep clothes in easy to reach places.
  8. Running is addicting and you'll want to do it more when you can't.
  9. When you're hurting, your pets will want to sit on you.
  10. Listen to your body and do not ignore it.

It's amazing what you want to do when you can't do it.  So don't delay what you want to do.  Get out there and just do it!
What exercises are best to help strengthen your core?  Please share in the comments!  Thank you. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown? PFFFT. Work Your Core OR ELSE! #Fit4Meesh

Well hello there stranger!

Yes, it's been more than a month since my last post.  Shame on me!  I complete C25K and then disappear, but I'm baaaaaaaaaaack.  :)

Our view of the Teton Mountains from our cabin in Jackson Hole, WY.

The first of September found us on vacation in Wyoming.  OH MY STARS it's gorgeous up there!  Hiking, sight seeing, wildlife watching, napping, relaxing.  No words can truly express how breathtakingly beautiful it is in Wyoming.  I'll share more cool pics soon, but wanted to give you an update on #Fit4Meesh first.

It's always challenging to get back in the swing of every day life after a week of vacation, but Chulo Handsomehub Steve and I seemed to do rather well ... albeit slowly.  I started the 5KForever app to help me with speed and endurance.  The first day was tough, but I did it.  The next run day was on Wednesday, 9/18, and I was able to run 33 minutes without stopping and felt as if I could do more! This was the first time I wanted to keep going. Breakthrough!  

Then I made a huge mistake.
After my run that morning, I noticed my cats had surrounded a baby gecko on my kitchen floor.  Fearing more for myself that this teeny tiny lizard would somehow make it into my bedroom alive to crawl up the bedspread and get in my hair, I decided to save its life.  I found a small, clear piece of Tupperware and bent over sideways to put it over the baby gecko while sliding a piece of paper under it.  As I stood up, I felt a pull in my lower back, but figured it was NBD.  Boy, was I wrong!

As the day progressed, it became increasingly difficult to sit due to the pain.  My entire body had become completely stiff and I could barely move by late that afternoon.  What. The Heck.

Chulo Handsomehub was out of the country on biz so thankfully my sister-in-law Christine was able to drive me the next morning to see my good friend, Dr. Melissa Clouthier at The Alternative Health Center of The Woodlands.  After a thorough exam and me whining like a big baby, I learned I've not been working my core while running these past 3 months and because of that, my pelvic and lower back have been picking up the slack when they shouldn't have been.  

My bending over wonky was the preverbial straw that "broke" my back to where I became unable to stand up straight or sit.  What I thought would be a couple days of laying in bed to recover has turned into almost TWO WEEKS.  Although I'm still on bed rest as I type this, I am much better.  I'd say 60% and every day getting better thanks to physical therapy with both Dr. Clouthier's three times a week. I highly recommend their office!
I've had foot and knee injuries in the past, but my lower back/pelvic injury has been the most debilitating.  Simple acts like getting dressed, putting away groceries, picking up a dropped pen, feeding pets and even using the restroom have become difficult.  And I didn't realize how much is done sitting.  Geez!

How do you avoid an injury like mine?  There are tons of articles and charts on how to work your core.  Find them and use them. Like NOW!  I can still throw my chancla at you from bed.  ;)  Even the simple act of breathing in, holding your tummy in for a few seconds and breathing out will help.  And please, bend with your knees always.

This is me today. I'm thinking of hiking in those mountains behind me or running around that lake.  I've not been able to run for two weeks.  It's all I can think about.  It's all I want to do ... besides work.  I'm unable to sit for more than few minutes so yeah, I can't work either.  I knew I was a workaholic, but wow, I'm bad.  The thought of how many emails are in my inbox will put me in a panic, but I have awesome teammates who are running point for me while I'm on medical leave.  

I'm lazy at heart on my own time so while my days have been filled with a lot of naps and bad TV, I'm kinda going a little stir crazy!  But I need to focus on the positive that I'll come out of this with more knowledge on how to listen to my body and slow down.  

Oh, and ladies?  Look at my face in this picture of me today.  I started using Nivea Crème the day I hurt myself.  I haven't had a breakout and my skin feels like it did many, many years ago. Yay Nivea (and less than $7 a jar)!  :)

As of this post, I'm able to walk almost straight!  No more "Old Lady Walking!"  I also am blessed that I've been able to continue losing weight and inches despite this injury.  Last week I posted a pic on FB showing the tale of my scale at 200.0 and how excited I was to almost be under that number.  I get that numbers aren't what matters.  It's all about how you feel about yourself in and out of your clothes, but breaking this barrier is my big frickin deal. 

It's "more loose," not looser.  FYI :)

Then today, it happened.  I broke past that number. I haven't weighed under 200 in 6 years.  I am so excited, and I just can't hide it!  Yep, sing the song with me.  I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!  

Buh-BYE 21.2 lbs!  Only 31.6 lbs to go before I hit my goal.  Yippee!  Now if only I could go run right now ... I know. I know.  Patience grasshopper.  :)

Along with the weight loss, here's my tale of the measuring tape of where I am as of today:
  • 13.5 Neck
  • 38 Waist
  • 46 Hips
  • 43 Bust
Total losses to date since 6/20/2013 are:
  • 21.2 lbs
  • 1 inch from neck
  • 6 inches from waist
  • 6 inches from hips
  • 1.5 inches from boobage

Can I get a WOOHOO?!  
Where can I get in 90 days from now when I'm back to my normal schedule?  The sky is the limit!  

I have the right tools at my disposal:  Chulo Handsomehub, working my core, 5KForever, food balance, MyFitnessPal to keep track of carbs, proteins, fats and calories, and the awesome support of each and every one of you. You keep me honest.  You keep me motivated.  And your kind words will get me through this injury and back to work, life and play!  After all, I have The Color Run in Houston on 10/27!

So, what's the moral of this story?  I've made a meme!

Or next time the baby gecko dies!  Just kidding!  No one call PETA.  I'll bend with my knees too. Promise.  :)

What do you do to work you core?  
Please share in the comment section below!  

Friday, August 30, 2013

C25K COMPLETED! Now What? #Fit4Meesh

I began this journey on 06/20/2013 after hearing James Gandolfini died.  He was only 4 years older than I am now and for some reason, his death was my wake up call to get healthy and keep moving.  I went from barely being able to run one minute to running 30 minutes without stopping.  

Regularly exercising for the past 10 weeks has also helped me be able to walk down stairs "normally."  Before running regularly, I had to take steps one at a time because of knee and ankle discomfort.  Now, I can walk down steps like the rest of the world.  :)  I also went from drinking an average of three 16.9 oz bottles of Diet Coke a day to maybe 1/2 of a 12oz bottle.  If even that. Caffeine has been replaced by water. And a lot more of it.

With all my success the past couple of months, week 9 made me very nervous.  It was my final week of the C25K program and I'd be running 30 minutes. Without stopping.  Three times in a week. Even though last week I ran 3 days and was able to run 28 minutes non-stop, my mind continued to focus on doubt.

Just more proof that if we focus on succeeded and try with all our might, success can be accomplished because I didn't allow myself to stop running and I completed the C25K program this morning!  WOOHOO!  Check out my funny before and after photo below.  HA!  I'm such a goofball sometimes.

Running and C25K has changed my life.  I want more.

This week I lost only .4 lb and another 1/2 inch from my waist --- not much on those measurement numbers, but I'll take it.  I need to start eating better when I'm on the road because my busiest travel season picks up in a couple weeks and I must keep up my momentum!  #Fit4Meesh has lost 13.4 lbs, but still has 40.6 to go so my journey continues.  I'm thinking of trying paleo ... hmm ...

Since I've completed the C25K program, should I be content with where I am now by just running a few times a week?  The C25K program gave me a goal.  I feel like now is the time to find my next challenge. 

What apps do you use to physically challenge yourself?  Please share in the comments section so I can start downloading stat!   

Whatever program I decide to work towards next to continue my weight loss and quest for health, I know I CAN and WILL do it. Especially when I'm keeping myself accountable like I've been doing here and on social media with all of you!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for your supportive messages, words of encouragement and helpful advice.  

Wishing you and yours a very safe and fun upcoming holiday weekend!  xox

More soon ... :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

#Fit4Meesh Continues! Week 8 of C25K Complete!

Although June 20th wasn't very long ago when I began this new journey of mine to get healthy, it seems as though I've been exercising for so much longer.  I guess it's true that exercising and staying fit becomes an addiction.  I'll take this addiction over all others because my results, albeit slow to show, are worth it!

Another .6 lbs run off this past week.  Yippee!  I'm most happy seeing inches disappear.  Goodbye to .5 inch from my waist, and an inch from both my waist and hips.  Totals are getting higher and I love it!  To date, I've lost:
  • Neck, 1 inch
  • Waist, 4.5 inches
  • Hips, buh-bye 3 inches
  • Boobage, seeYA 1.5 inches
I still don't see that I've lost 13 lbs and all these inches, but it'll come.  While there is a part of me that would prefer to see the scale drop dramatically week after week, I must constantly remind myself that slow and steady wins the race.  This race I have ... with myself ... has been and will be a constant battle, but I'm going to do it, DAMMIT.  :)

There is one thing I've been completely blown away from in the past couple of months. The support of received from family, friends and complete strangers through emails, phone calls, texts and social media.  It's been overwhelming and my heart thanks each and every one of you ... YES YOU TOO ... for your encouragement.  It helps motivate me to keep moving!

We're taking our oldest to Texas State Technical College in Waco this weekend.  I'm very proud of my son moving ahead on his new journey too.  Looks like moving is becoming a very good family tradition.

Happy Friday y'all!